The Adventures of Baby #2


Tomorrow is my glucose test.  Woo.  Whatever.

Did you know that in 6 whole weeks I’ll be fully baked?





Yeah, it’s been a while.

Still knocked up.

I’m carrying a she.  Her name is Abigail Rosa.

I wish I could write more, but I’m just not feeling it.  Stress for work due to complications has gotten me really down.  If you wanna hear the whole sob story, head on over to My Muddled Thoughts.


Hey look at that… 20 weeks.  “Halfway” there!


So, yeah.  On Friday I get the gender and anatomy scan and I can finally quit calling this bean, “it”.  I’m sure “it” doesnt appreciate it.

Nothing much else going on.  I have had a few bad headaches, some really bad backaches, but no pig feet, so woo.  Still losing weight, tho.  Not sure how the midwives are gonna take that, but hey… I can feel this thing moving, so it’s still growing.

For the most part I forget that I’m even pregnant.  I only notice when I get my belly stuck somewhere, or my back hurts, or when I feel ridiculously tired, or start crying for no reason.  Oh yeah, I really appreciate it when the waterworks turn on.  Especially at work.  There’s a special place in hell for people who cry at work.  I’m now one of them.

I’ll update with pictures and and gender pronouncement on Friday.  Until then, I must cope with the ridiculously horrific headaches.


Yeah, still knocked up.

The whirlwind of appointments went well and the bean looked perfect.  The monkey even waved to the bean.  It was adorable.

Next week I have another midwife appointment and hopefully they’ll give me the script for the anatomy ultrasound… and then we’ll find out if the bean is sporting a frank or a bun.

Did you get that?

I hope so…

Anyway, I’ve been exhausted, but at least I’m not nauseated that much, anymore.  I am still losing weight, though.  I need to make a concerted effort to eat more.  The nurse did a double take at my weight during my last weigh in.  I was all, yeah… I know.  I’ve been sick.

In other news, I’m going to an offsite in two weeks, and have to dress nicely.  Instead of investing $60+ on a pair of maternity work pants, I’m just going to repurpose the ones I already own with a bella band.  They dont make stylish work clothes for fat pregnant ladies.  I hate that.  So I’m gonna jerry rig my own.  Hopefully I dont look like a disheveled hobo.


Yep, nothing else to report.

As always, I am grateful I have been given another day to be a mother to this bean.



Tomorrow I have my second doctor’s appointment and an NT test.  Speaking of which, I need to write down what times they’re at.  Lol.  I have it all on my work calendar.

Holy crap are you serious, self?  You booked the doc appointment for 8:30am and then the NT test for 10am!??  Am I insane?!

Thankfully, they’re at least down the street from each other, but I’m cutting that hella close.  Hopefully it will all work out.  *sigh*  I’m a moron.

Anyway, yes.  Tomorrow we get to see the baby again.  And we might find out what sex it is, but we didnt find that out last time, so who knows.  It all depends on how that baby is laying and if the tech feels particularly insightful that day.  Let’s hope the cards align and I can give folks some interesting news, tomorrow.

So.  Yeah.  2nd trimester, eh?  This feels… familiar.


Yesterday I started spotting.

Today, the midwives had me come in for an ultrasound.

The Jellybean is perfectly fine.  It was wiggling around, and its measuring perfectly and woo.  The bean is good.

What’s causing the spotting is two fold.  One, I have some old junk that needs to do its thing and make its way out.  Perfectly normal.  Two, the bean’s placenta is growing on or right next to my cervix.  This is called placenta previa and it happens and causes intermittent bleeding.  Since I have an NT test next Friday, the midwife’s ultrasound wizard told me to ask them to check where my placenta was growing.  She also told me that until that test, to be on a modified type bed-rest with no exertions or heavy lifting or stress and all that good stuff.  And complete pelvic rest.

Anyway… most people’s uteri (is that the plural for uteruses?) grow out of the previa stage, so we’ll just monitor and see what happens.  I went ahead and Dr. Googled what happens if it’s still around by the time I’m in my third trimester.  Let’s just say that happy uncomplicated labors are not the norm.  I dont wanna risk out of my midwives.  They’re awesome.

Anyway.  That’s the latest update.

As always, and forever, I am grateful I have been given another day to be a mother to this bean.


I wanted to be able to write that I wasnt sick anymore, and then last night, in the middle of sleeping, I got smacked in the face by a whopper of a nausea spell.  God that sucked.  I had to take half a unisom.

I’m feeling this thing wiggle around like I did with the monkey.  Medicine can say that I cant all it wants, but there’s something moving in there, damnit.  And it tickles.  Its cute.  Just quick little flutters, like there’s a butterfly inside of me that’s beating its fragile wings against my pelvis.  It mostly happens after I’ve eaten a shitton of sugar.

Wow.  Almost 10 weeks.

Its kinda crazy how quickly this went.  As much as I wanted to barrel past these last 6 weeks and get straight to the fun stuff, I didnt think it would actually happen.  I guess that’s the way things roll when you have another kid to take care of.  I cant sit here and be fearful every second of every day and agonize over whether or not I should eat that slice of pizza.  I did eat it.  Because I didnt have the time to grab something else.  I have a career (ish), and an 8 month old, and time moves very quickly these days.

Jules is starting to wake up, now.  I have a conference this week, so I’m able to lounge around in bed with her for a bit before heading out and taking her to day care.  I’m thinking ahead to my maternity leave early next year, and wondering if she’s going to be around for all of it.  On one hand, I hope so.  She should see her little brother or sister growing up and experiencing all the things that she did.  And on the other hand, I think I’d go nuts if I had to police a 15 month old AND take care of a newborn.  Then I remember… dude, newborns just lay there.  They eat, sleep, and poop.

Lots of time to think about that, later.  I’m gonna go snuggle with the kid I have and the kid that’s inside me.

I am grateful I have been given another day to be a mother to this bean.