The Adventures of Baby #2



Well, look at that.

I’m pregnant again.

Who would have thought that that woulda worked so quickly?  I mean, its not like I was trying to not get pregnant… but after the monkey took 2 years to make, I certainly thought that it would take at least a year for the next one, with active trying.  7 months, of no trying.  The monkey will be a year and 3ish months when the jellybean makes it’s grand entrance into the world.

My due date is the 11th of Jan.

It’s still really early, but I’m already getting attached to the little sucker.  At first I was effing petrified.  I actually cried for a few minutes.  Not out of saddness, but out of surprise.  Yeah.  This one is a surprise.  An interesting, ironic little surprise.

I am grateful I have been given another day to be this bean’s mother.


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