The Adventures of Baby #2


My hips and lower back are fork tender.  Just like last time.  Lol.  And the monkey has decided, today, that I am a bouncy castle!  Owwwwieeeee!!!

But last night I had a dream that I was holding this new jellybean.  It was nustling its head into my neck and chest, and I just felt so happy.  So at peace.  I really am excited about the new addition.

This morning, M brought up the tub full of maternity clothes that I put away.  I’m 5 weeks, and I’m already effing puffy and showing.  I put on my maternity pants and there’s my belly.  😐  I’m not exactly ready to put it on display, so I left on the pants but put on a regular tee shirt.

I am grateful that I have been given another day to be this bean’s mother.


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