The Adventures of Baby #2



I saw the doc on Monday to confirm that there is ONLY ONE jellybean in there.  And yes, there is only one.  Perfectly happy and healthy and measuring on time.  Strong heart beat and everything.

So, with the pictures printed out, I went ahead and outted myself on Facebook.  This Jellybean is totally forcing the issue as far as clothing is concerned, so I wasnt going to be able to hide it much longer.  Plus I’m still really nauseated so that was going to get obvious.

Yesterday I peed, and then felt like I had to pee again the whole way home from Bethesda… and the entire time I kept thinking, “This.  This is what I get to look forward to for the next 8 months.  Are you kidding me?  Really?”  And it was funny because with the Monkey, I had no clue what I was in for.  I learned as I went.  Now, I know exactly what lies ahead.

Oh, and yesterday, in bed, I experienced a small amount of splitting hooch pain.  I was like, “Seriously!?  Cant we wait off on that for a tiny bit longer?!!!!”

But really, I am excited.  I’m not trying to convince myself that I am.  I really truly am.

I am grateful that I have been given another day to be this bean’s mother.

Look ma! No hands! Or feet, or arms, or... uh, anything except a blob.


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