The Adventures of Baby #2


I feel like SHIT!

Doc said to take unisom to combat morning sickness.  Ok.  Whatever.  So I am, and it’s working well until it wears out and when it does my nausea is all, “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TRYING TO COMBAT ME?  YOU SILLY HUMAN!  BOW DOWN TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’m also drinking Ensure like it’s going out of style.  In the past 24 hours, I’ve had 6 bottles, 1 bag of popcorn, 2 breadsticks, and 1/3 of a lasagna.  Ugh.

The Ensure is making sure (lol) that I’m not starving.  And starving makes your nausea worse… and then you dont wanna eat… and its such a vicious horrible cycle of doom.  Who invented morning sickness?  Probably a man.  Pff.

M and my dad and my boss all feel so bad for me.  And yeah, gimme some sympathy.  I feel like ass.

Everyone says that nausea is a really good sign.  I dont care.  I didnt get it last time!  Why should I endure it this time!?  And its unrelenting.  The meds take the edge off, but I know it’s still there.  And I dread the meds wearing of.  But its not like I can walk around popping unisom all day long.  I’ll walk into a door or drive into someone’s bumper.

As always, I really am glad that I have been given another day to be this bean’s mother.  Even if it is slowly killing my soul and will to move.


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