The Adventures of Baby #2


The monkey was up all night.  Every 5 minutes she would cry.  She has a cold.  So do I.

Nausea is still kicking my ass, but combat with unisom is helping, tremendously.  I’m falling asleep randomly, but at least I can function.  Since my cold has draining down my throat, and coughing, I end up dry heaving multiple times a day.  I cant wait till this stage is over and I can just enjoy whatever is growing inside me.

I’ve lost something like 15lbs since I got pregnant.  I’m pretty sure the midwives are gonna get mad at me, but I’m keeping up with nutrients with vitamins and Ensure.  At least I’m making sure the jellybean is getting something.

I am grateful I have been given another day to be this bean’s mother.


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