The Adventures of Baby #2


I knew this was a possibility, I did.  All the stories and anecdotal evidence from others told me that this was possible.  And yet, I thought to myself… not me.  It’ll never happen to me.  Nope.  I wont be one of those women.  In fact, I made fun of those women!

What is it?

I pee a little when I sneeze or cough.

Stop laughing.

This is seriously NOT cool.  At first it was just once.  One little dribble.  I laughed about it and moved on.  It happened again, I smiled.  This morning, I did it again.  And I was no longer amused.

What the hell, body?  Whyyyyyyyy are you doing this to meeee??  I’m already sick, tired, bloaty, angry, moody, and now sporting a somewhat saggy bump.  Did you really have to add incontinence to the mix?  Really?

And it doesnt help that I’m currently in the 40% runny nose / 60% hacking death cough stage of my cold.  I have to clench, squeeze and prepare every time I feel a tickle in my throat or nose.  This seriously sucks.

What does the future hold for me?  What else wont I be able to keep in??!  Ugh.  Visions of “Oops, I Crapped My Pants” dance in my head.  The scene where they pour an entire pitcher of iced tea into the old fart undies… yeah.  What the hell??!  Is this the beginning of my downward spiral into old?


I am grateful I have been given another day to be a mother to this bean… even though I might pee a little every time I sneeze, for the rest of my life.


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