The Adventures of Baby #2


Yesterday I started spotting.

Today, the midwives had me come in for an ultrasound.

The Jellybean is perfectly fine.  It was wiggling around, and its measuring perfectly and woo.  The bean is good.

What’s causing the spotting is two fold.  One, I have some old junk that needs to do its thing and make its way out.  Perfectly normal.  Two, the bean’s placenta is growing on or right next to my cervix.  This is called placenta previa and it happens and causes intermittent bleeding.  Since I have an NT test next Friday, the midwife’s ultrasound wizard told me to ask them to check where my placenta was growing.  She also told me that until that test, to be on a modified type bed-rest with no exertions or heavy lifting or stress and all that good stuff.  And complete pelvic rest.

Anyway… most people’s uteri (is that the plural for uteruses?) grow out of the previa stage, so we’ll just monitor and see what happens.  I went ahead and Dr. Googled what happens if it’s still around by the time I’m in my third trimester.  Let’s just say that happy uncomplicated labors are not the norm.  I dont wanna risk out of my midwives.  They’re awesome.

Anyway.  That’s the latest update.

As always, and forever, I am grateful I have been given another day to be a mother to this bean.


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