The Adventures of Baby #2


Hey look at that… 20 weeks.  “Halfway” there!


So, yeah.  On Friday I get the gender and anatomy scan and I can finally quit calling this bean, “it”.  I’m sure “it” doesnt appreciate it.

Nothing much else going on.  I have had a few bad headaches, some really bad backaches, but no pig feet, so woo.  Still losing weight, tho.  Not sure how the midwives are gonna take that, but hey… I can feel this thing moving, so it’s still growing.

For the most part I forget that I’m even pregnant.  I only notice when I get my belly stuck somewhere, or my back hurts, or when I feel ridiculously tired, or start crying for no reason.  Oh yeah, I really appreciate it when the waterworks turn on.  Especially at work.  There’s a special place in hell for people who cry at work.  I’m now one of them.

I’ll update with pictures and and gender pronouncement on Friday.  Until then, I must cope with the ridiculously horrific headaches.


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  1. Congratulations! Was just checking in to see how the monkey was doing and then I saw this! It´s been ages since I last read. This is wonderful news. I´ll be following your adventures with baby number 2! Good luck!

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